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Horner OCS - Operator Control Stations and PLCs

What is an OCS?

An OCS (Operator Control Station) is an integrated PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) graphics display. The OCS includes integrated I/O and the ability to be significantly expanded and/or networked.
, Some simple low cdost PLCs are available with integrated displays, but can be severely restricted intheir functionality. The Horner OCS is fully functional over the whole rand of sizes.


Industrial Automation

PLCs are used extensively for automation in industry and commonly, these include HMI panels to provide user feedback and control. The OCS units include the HMI as part of the package allowing a more integrated approach with simplified programming.


Irrigation Monitor and Control

Irrigation systems require a number of protection systems that must be enabled at the right time.
Typically, a pumping system will include over pressure protection and under pressure protection as well as low flow protection in addition to the usual motor protection systems.
When the pump is first started, the low pressure protection must be disabled for a period of time in order to allow the pipe to be filled. After the pipe has been filled, the low pressure protection is enabled. Additional timers are commonly used to slow down the response time to overpressure and under pressure conditions to filter out short term surges from valves opening etc.
In a typical installation, there would be a number of relays and timers. With a smart relay, these are all incuded in the OCS, so there is only one component to purchase and wire to. This reduces the compnent cost and the wiring time, plus additional circitry can be added at no additional cost.
The OCS includes data loging facilities and can be programmed to control the irrigation system in a manner beyond that attained using the internal functions of a VFD.
Using multiple PIDs, the irrigation can be set up for pressure control, flow control and well depth control with each DIP control optimally tuned for the application.



The Horner OCS units are programmed using a program called CScape. There is a choice of programming languages, either enhanced ladder, or the five IEC languages including ladder, structured text, instruction list, function block and Sequential Function Chart.